Shameless plug

So I’ve written a book not too long ago and it has a collection of original content! The Modern Craft: A Collection of Original Spells, Witchy Articles, and Misc. Magical Things

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“Old Habits Begone” Spell

In order to grow sometimes we need to let go of old habits so here’s a spell to do just that. Suggested by @midnight-shadows-fall Originally posted by briannajeann What You’ll Need Black salt Black candle Drinkable sun water Moon water Desert Sand Spray bottle What To Do Take your items outside. Mix your black salt and […]

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“Dovah/Dragon” Servitor Spell

Another Skyrim inspired servitor spell but with the legendary dovah, or as most know them, dragons. Now, these servitors are to be treated with higher respect than others because in a dovah’s nature they expect it. Also don’t forget to give your dovah a title, a title that consists of three words in dovah. Now […]

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“Be At Peace” Spell

For some the world around them has gone to shit it seems and they deserve peace. This spell will help those be at peace but do also try to talk to someone. A therapist or a friend you can trust. Originally posted by merci-angel What You’ll Need A song that makes you feel at peace […]

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