Moth’s Book of Tides 2018.

Updated: 02/28/2018 Curses/Hexes “Corruption” Curse “Try Me Bitch” Curse “Wildfire” Curse “Search and Destroy” Curse “Feel The Pain You’ve Caused Me” Curse  “You’ve Done Me Wrong” Revenge Curse  “Blood Mary” Curse The Siren’s “Learn Your Lesson” Hex “Spoiled Rotten” Curse Powders and Glamours “Shut The Fuck Up” Powder “They Can’t See I’m A Witch” Glamour  […]

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Dear Landlocked Sea Witches,

So the super eclipse is on the 31st of this month which we all already know but don’t forget the moon is connected to the sea as well. If you’re looking to connect to the sea but can’t because you’re landlocked you can instead connect to the sea through the moon that night, I mean […]

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On The “Dear David” Story.

I’m making this because I keep seeing it in my recommended videos on YouTube and just… Originally posted by triumphsanddisasters Enough!!! It’s lived past its shelf life!!! All this is coming from someone who wholeheartedly believes in spirits & ghosts. I also know there are people out there that think David might haunt them next […]

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