“Those Who Catcall Me Are Plagued With Foul Fortune” Sigil

Art by Junji Ito
Sigil by me



So I lurk on reddit’s witchcraft subreddit frequently and today someone by the username “shymcf” posted this. (Link includes the thread)

Some woman was throwing these glass jars into the ocean and frankly, I’m furious. You don’t throw non-biodegradables into the ocean! That’s straight up littering! Luckily the cops showed up which prompted her to stop her littering but she got away; OP fished them out of the water afterward.

And in case anyone was wondering what’s inside, the OP said there were raw eggs inside, some broken, and paprika.

“Give Me Strength” Spell

Another tarot inspired spell, this time this gives one strength.

Originally posted by itsrobstenbieber

What You’ll Need

  • The Strength tarot card
  • A red candle
  • Sun water
  • A bowl
  • A small jar
  • a Bay leaf
  • Optional: An agate

What To Do

  • Fill your bowl with sun water.
  • Take your candle and place it behind the bowl and light it.
  • Optional: Put your agate on the bottom of the bowl.
  • Take the bay leaf and put in the bowl.
  • Lay your card in front of the bowl with Strength.
  • Take your candle and drip the wax around the bay leaf floating in your bowl, put back the candle afterward.
  • As the candle burns say/think “Oh card of Strength give me yours, help me become strong so I may face the world.” as many times as you wish.
  • After you’re done saying/thinking the chant mediate on the cards for a little while.
  • Once you feel you’ve mediated enough take your bay leaf, dry it, and burn it (carefully) with your candle. Collect the ashes of the bay leaf and keep them in a jar nearby (optional: dry off your agate as well and keep it under your pillow.)
  • End the spell by blowing out the candles and dispose of everything properly.

“Cursing and Hexing On A Budget”

Disclaimer: Preaching the threefold law or curse shaming on this post will get you blocked so don’t bother doing so.

Originally posted by psychobarbiedoll

So recently, I’ve been having to budget myself because I’ve been planning to live on my own in the next year or two and I’ve noticed most ingredients used in curse and hexes are pretty expensive so it got me thinking, how can I curse and hex on a budget if I need to? Well luckily, not all cursing and hexing ingredients are expensive. Some are super easy to get a hold of in nature and in your local super market.

Well luckily, not all cursing and hexing ingredients are expensive. Some are super easy to get a hold of in nature and in your local super market, like fruits, veggies, and herbs for example. Most use fruits, veggies, and herbs for blessings and overall positive spells you can also use them in curses and hexes, especially when they’re rotting or starting to rot. (However lemons, limes, and onions can be used in curses and hexes when fresh) From what I’ve seen in my practice (although not everyone’s practice is the same) a fresh produce’s properties seem to turn to the opposite of said properties when they start to rot. A good example I can think of is chamomile, I had fresh chamomile I planned on using for a luck spell and I forgot about it which eventually lead it to dying and rotting. I started having a little bad luck, like my laptop dying in the when I was adding the finishing touches of something I did in Photoshop and constantly dropping things on my foot until I got rid of the rotten chamomile; after that my luck returned.

Chili powder is an excellent, cheap curse ingredient as well and is not very hard to find in your local supermarket, it’s almost always in the spices/cooking section. It can bring discord into one’s life if used in a curse.

Another good curse and hex ingredient to get while on a budget is gutter water or street water and it’s completely free. It’s filthy, dirty, absolutely tainted by yucky stuff and negative energy which can be transferred into a curse you cast. Now, I would recommend if you decide to collect gutter water or street water you do so with gloves for it, again, is very dirty water.

Lastly, and probably one of the most overlooked curse ingredients, is salt. While salt is widely used for cleansing it’s a dehydrator. Think about it, salt absorbs moisture so it’s absorption property could also take things out of the life of the curse’s or hex’s target.

If I missed any or you have any suggestions on what you could use to curse on a budget please feel free to add on! However, as said in the disclaimer, preaching the threefold law or curse shaming will get you blocked.


A small thought.

Not too long ago I got a rather nasty anonymous message calling me a hypocritical bitch for not wanting to see kinks while being pagan and I sat there scratching my head. Why was I hypocritical for not wanting to see kinks on? But then the stereotype clicked, remembering how society sees us pagans are sex obsessed heathens… I think that’s what they were getting at but the thing is not every pagan is alike and we certainly try our best to not follow stereotypes.

Dear Fellow Witches, I’m Not Your Search Engine…

Look, I’m willing to educate and help out with questions relating to witchcraft but if your question is super simple and can be answered by Google please refrain from asking it because if people come asking the same simple questions over and over it can get really exhausting. I’m here to help and educate but I’m not some search engine you can abuse, I’m a person just like you.

Moth’s Book of Tides 2018.

Updated: 02/28/2018


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Spell Jars

Reversal Spells


Servitor Spells

Banishing Spells




Healing/Health Spells

Good Fortune Spells

Growth Spells

Tarot Spell Series

Misc. Spells

Misc. Witchery


“Landlocked Moon Tides” Spell

A moon spell to help landlocked sea witches connect to the sea.

Originally posted by into-the-subconscious

What You’ll Need

  • The full moon
  • A seashell
  • A bowl of salt water
  • A blue candle

What To Do

  • Firstly, set up your spell in a place where it can get the full moonlight.
  • After you’ve gotten everything and yourself into moonlight light place your bowl of salt water in front of you and your candle behind the bowl.
  • Light your candle to begin.
  • Mediate on the candle for a little while, get a picture the sea before you in your mind.
  • After you’ve got you’ve got the image of the sea in your mind take your seashell and scoop some salt water into it.
  • Gently move the water back and forth in the shell to simulate gentle tides and as you move the water say/think “Through the moon, the shell, and the salt water I am connected to the sea no matter where I am.” as many times you wish.
  • Once you’ve finished saying the chant stop moving the shell and dip your fingers into the water in the shell, draw waves (like this) over where your heart is.
  • End the spell by blowing out the candle and thanking the moon.

Dear Landlocked Sea Witches,

So the super eclipse is on the 31st of this month which we all already know but don’t forget the moon is connected to the sea as well. If you’re looking to connect to the sea but can’t because you’re landlocked you can instead connect to the sea through the moon that night, I mean you can do that any night but the connection will be amplified by the eclipse.

So make some homemade salt water, buy some shells or use the ones you have already laying around from previous beach trips, buy some sand, and go out and connect with the super eclipse so you can connect with the sea.

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