“The Death of Old” Spell

We’re at it again with another tarot spell and this card was again requested by all of you, it is… Death.

The purpose of this spell is to help you move on from something that’s clinging onto you.

Now, a disclaimer because I know the Death card can be frightening for some; the card doesn’t mean you’re going to die or that someone in your life will die. It’s a means to an end, a chapter ending, a necessary change, transformation, and new beginnings.

gif credit to @t-errapinart

What You’ll Need

  • The Death tarot card
  • A black candle
  • New moon water
  • A vessel of sorts (can be a cup, mug, or bowl)
  • Dandelions, preferably ones that are in their white puff stage
  • A dried up rose or dried up rose petals
  • Chicory

What To Do

  • Take your candle, place it behind your vessel, and light your candle to begin.
  • Lay your Death card in front of the vessel.
  • Place your dandelions and chicory in the vessel.
  • Then, take your rose/rose petals and burn them till they become ashes; afterwards throw those ashes in the vessel.
  • Pour your moon water onto the herbs.
  • Take your candle now and a few drops of black wax into the water.
  • Stir the water with your finger now clockwise four times, envision the things you need to let go of/the things that are clinging to you and preventing you from moving on in your life as you stir the water.
  • Afterwards, mediate on the card for a while; visualize the energies of the Death card surrounding you and plucking away the things holding you back.
  • Once you feel you’ve mediated enough you may blow out the candle to end the ritual.

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