“Intuition of the High Priestess” Spell

I’m back at it again with my tarot spell series; this time with a card that was requested by all of you, the high priestess.

The purpose of this spell meant to strengthen one’s intuition.

Originally posted by blood-stained-razorblades

What You’ll Need

  • The High Priestess tarot card
  • A purple candle
  • Full moon water
  • A vessel of sorts (can be a cup, mug, or bowl)
  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme

What To Do

  • Take your candle, place it behind your vessel, and light your candle to begin.
  • Lay your High Priestess card in front of the vessel.
  • Now, take your herbs and put them in your vessel.
  • Afterwards, pour your moon water onto the herbs.
  • After that, take your candle now and drip a drop of purple wax into the water and put it back after.
  • Once you complete this, mediate on the card for a while; visualize the high priestess’ energy surrounding and entering you.
  • Once you feel you’ve mediated enough you may blow out the candle to end the ritual.

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