On The “Dear David” Story.

I’m making this because I keep seeing it in my recommended videos on YouTube and just…

Originally posted by triumphsanddisasters

Enough!!! It’s lived past its shelf life!!!

All this is coming from someone who wholeheartedly believes in spirits & ghosts.

I also know there are people out there that think David might haunt them next and are terrified of him so I’m also making this post as reassurance that they’ll be fine because he’s not real. You have nothing to worry about. Ghosts & spirits on the other hand I believe do exist, but David doesn’t.

I’ve been saying this since this whole thing started; he works for Buzzfeed and Buzzfeed has everything to gain from a story like this. More retweets, popularity, exposure for their company. It’s very likely a publicity stunt and since our generation (millennials) and the generation after us (Generation Z) is obsessed with ghost stories this is how they’re getting their publicity, with one of their employees being “haunted.”

Adam’s also received a ton of negative criticism on his comics because people found them boring so instead of doing “boring” comics that get you no publicity you instead tell a horrifying ghost story to catch a huge demographic’s attention and successfully entertain them with it.

So in conclusion, it’s more than likely a publicity stunt by Adam and Buzzfeed to gain more attention and David is not real except in the imagination of the readers reading the thread.


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