How To Get Their Attention, How To Save Net Neutrality

When writing to the FC.C and s.enators to make it a point small business that could contribute to bigger ones, like the ones they’re working with, in the future are affected by the repel of n.eut.rality, that future jobs are lost which could have greatly benefited the government but because of ne.utr.ality those benefits will never exist, and that future doctors and future engineers could potentially be gone by repelling this too because a struggling college students could become the next big money maker for them costing them customers. We need doctors, we need engineers, by effectively getting rid of n.eutr.ality we face a world with barely enough doctors and engineers, which are key components to society, and thus could cause a collapse.

Make sure you point out the things that they rely on could be wiped out if they go through with their decision. It sucks that we have to make these points instead of humanitarian ones but you need to get their attention by basically telling them they’re ruining themselves if they do this. They’re not going to listen to humanitarian views but will listen to business views because that’s all they care about so make those points. Make them until they listen.


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