The Broken Makeup Mirror

So this morning, I broke a mirror and my immediate thought was “Oh no 7 years of bad luck!” but then my witchy side kicked in and while yes broken mirrors can bring negative energies they can also be turned into positive ones so that’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to cleanse the energies and turn them into positive energies since only one side is broken. I also own a black cat so I think that helps filter out negative energies too.

How am I going to do this? Simple, remember how I mentioned I only broke one side of the mirror? One side is broken one side is not? I’m going to use that completely fine mirror as a a gateway that lets in positive energy and he middle part connecting them as a filter. Now, I could also use it in hexes and curses but since I don’t have anyone to hex or curse I think using it as a negative to positive energy source will do just fine.

But also as a precaution, as of right now, I have it sitting in a bowl of cold salt water to cleanse any previous energies it had so I can turn those possibly negative energies around into positive ones.

I’ve also consider this to be a sign from my God, Set. The God of Chaos, Storms, Foreigners, and Change and nothing screams chaos more than a broken mirror so maybe good old Set is trying to tell me something.


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