An Open Letter To Young Witches.

Dear young witches who who are 13-17 or even younger. Do not take offense if an older witch who is a legal adult won’t teach you.

They’re legally not allowed to without your parent’s/guardian’s permission because you’re a minor and this law is in most countries and states (I know it’s illegal in the United States). Reason why, it counts as religious teaching (even though witchcraft itself is not a religion but a practice). I know it sucks but that’s how it is.

If your parent/guardian doesn’t like you doing witchcraft or you’re in the woods we cannot even teach you in secret because that can look really bad; your parent/guardian could make up lies about us and get us in trouble with the authorities because they don’t want us teaching you or us being around you if they find out. I can already hear you saying “But I could defend you!” I’m really sorry but the judge isn’t going to believe a kid as young as you. It’s a sad truth but minors are rarely listened to in court, especially in cases where it is parent versus teacher.

So, again, please don’t take offense if an older witch turns down teaching you the craft. We don’t hate you but we have to keep ourselves out of trouble and not end up arrested because your parents/guardians make up a lie.

However, you can still learn the craft without a mentor, it can be difficult but it can be done. Utilize Google, (Google is a modern witch’s best friend) it can lead you to various sources to learn from without a mentor. Be your own mentor if you can’t get one or wait until you’re no longer a minor (18 years of age in most countries) to seek a mentor.

In the meantime don’t take offense off an older witch won’t teach you because, again, us protecting ourselves from the law comes before us sharing and teaching our knowledge of the craft.


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