“Horses Are A Cure For Anxiety/Depression!” Except They’re Not.

Now I know this is isn’t pagan or witchcraft related but this is an issue I’m seeing all over, especially on the social media nowadays and I think it needs to be talked about.

Now and then you will see neurotypical people, especially other neurotypical Equestrians, exclaiming that horses and horseback riding are cures for anxiety and depression but they’re not. I used to work with and ride horses and while they can be great helpers with lessening anxiety and/or depression and pretty empathetic animals they are not a cure for anxiety or depression. They can be therapy animals but know also therapy animals are there for treatment not a cure for mental illness.

Plus, not everyone can afford to have and care for a horse, horses can cost thousands of dollars to house, feed, groom, etc. nor does everyone even have access to a horse, I know I don’t anymore. I also know some people who have severe horse allergies which those allergies can hospitalize them and some people are just outright terrified of horses whether it’s an irrational fear or a fear that stems from having a traumatic experience with a horse.

I also know from working with them know every horse has a different personality so while most horses might blend well with people there are also some super aggressive, anti-social horses out there.

While they can be great for relieving stress and be great companions even great therapy animals they are not a cure for depression or anxiety and not everyone can afford one or access one and those people who can’t and even those who can afford to have a horse or can have access to one should stick to what their doctor gives them because most doctors know how to help and treat their patients with the best possible treatments for them.

Though, in some cases, horses and horseback riding can be treatment for anxiety and depression but while one treatment works for one person that same treatment might not work for another person. The best thing to do is ask and listen to your doctor.

Also don’t put nasty comments on this post, I won’t acknowledge rude people. If you got something to say please say it politely on here or message me privately.


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