Tridents & Witchcraft


and witchcraft

Many already know of this tool, a spear-like instrument three points wielded by Poseidon (Neptune in Roman religion) and crafted by three elder cyclopes in Greek mythos. In lore, it was said to create tsunamis, storms, and sea foam and if it struck the earth it would cause great earthquakes. In Greek mythos as well they were also said to be a symbol of great wealth and protection. All in all the trident in stories is a very powerful tool, a tool of gods. Though, not many, including sea and water witches, would think of incorporating it into their craft (or that’s what I’ve seen).

Tridents, traditionally, represent masculine energies and magics; but being associated with the sea, as it is a tool of the sea, one could say they could also give off feminine energies and magics so that could thus turn it into a neutral gendered energy/magic giver. Or that’s how I see it, a personal view (so don’t be sending hate for personal opinions on this topic).

Tridents used as wands or as sigils could be beneficial for sea witches and water witches since it is a water/sea symbol. It can also help sea witches also feel connected to the sea when landlocked.

Tridents have the energies to enhance water/sea based witchcraft so while ideal for water/sea witchcraft and energies it could also be used in wealth spells because of its wealth properties and protection spells and banishings because of its protective properties but due to its destructive history one could also say it could be used for negative things like curses, hexes, and jinxes; especially ones meant to “drown.”

All in all, Tridents are powerful tools that could be utilized in sea/water witchcraft as well as in protection and wealth spells but also could be used in curses, hexes, and jinxes because of a its destructive side. Since tools (even in witchcraft) after all can be both destructive and beneficial at the same time and the trident is no exception.

Though, if anyone has an additional information or corrections (but polite corrections I won’t acknowledge rude people) feel free to add on!


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