Properties of Sparkling Mineral Water.

Sparkling mineral water is often bashed by many because they can’t handle its bubbly, mineral taste but there are actually many benefits to drinking but if you don’t want to it can be used in your craft as well.

Sparkling mineral water can be used for healing spells since the contents of the water have healing elements (such as calcium and a whole bunch of other minerals the body can benefit from) within them. Say, a spell for healing requires water, instead of using tap water or regular bottled water try using the sparkling water instead. The minerals in the water should enhance the other ingredients healing properties. An amplifier of sorts. (Sidenote: Consult a doctor before you rely on witchcraft or natural remedies to heal you.) And seeing a spell bubbling from the carbonation adds extra oomph and can be aesthetically pleasing!

It can also be used in beauty spells since sparkling mineral water also has great benefits for the skin, hell I’ve heard of some spas doing mineral/sparkling water facial treatments so yeah, it can be applied to beauty spells and beauty glamours.

However, these are only what I’ve collected as properties, there are probably more properties of sparkling mineral water that I’m unaware of. If you know more feel free to add on or correct mistakes but politely please, I won’t acknowledge rude people.


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