How To Feel Connected To The Sea When Landlocked

Recently, I got this question on my tumblr,

anonymous asked:
“I grew up near the beach but have since moved away. How can I feel connected to the ocean when I can’t spend time with it?”

And it’s an excellent question. How can you feel connected to the sea when you can’t spend time with her? (I feel the ocean is feminine hence why I’m using feminine pronouns) The problem itself may seem to be impossible to overcome but the answers to it are actually a lot simpler than you think.

There are a multitude of ways to feel connected to the sea when you’re not with her and some of these examples I’m going to list might seem strange but bear with me. You can connect with her by watching videos of her, listening to beach and ocean sounds, listening to songs about the sea, studying oceanology and marine biology, make offerings to her, honor her, pray to her, set up an altar to her; you can do all these things but if you wanna go the extra mile you may want to include the moon in this re-connection since the moon and sea are tied, without the moon the ocean could not have her tides. You can do what I listed with the moon as well, hell set up an altar to both of them if you’d like.

All these things have helped me feel connected to the sea since I’ve been landlocked.


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