“A Light In The Dark” Enchantment

An enchantment to ignite hope and inspire strength in a time of darkness and need inspired by a dream I had.

Originally posted by pcdmesamidala

What You’ll Need

  • Red, white, yellow, and green candles
  • A piece of jewelry (that’s water safe) or wearable item (that’s water safe) that has sentimental value to you
  • A large bowl
  • Mortar and pestle
  • A bay leaf
  • Aloe
  • Fennel
  • Allspice
  • Lemon or lemon juice
  • Rosewater
  • Full moon water

What To Do

  • Before you even set up for the ritual make sure your aloe and fennel are diced into small pieces. Careful when dicing so you don’t cut yourself, you don’t need blood for this spell.
  • Place your candles in a square around you and place your bowl in the center.
  • Light your candles.
  • Add your bay leaf to your mortar first and then your diced aloe and fennel.
  • Proceed to muddle the bay, fennel, and aloe together until they have become a finely mixed together.
  • Sprinkle the allspice into the bottom of the bowl.
  • Add the mix from the mortar into the bowl, press and smooth the mix with your pestle till it’s evened out.
  • Now add half your moon water.
  • Then add your jewelry, wearable item into the bowl.
  • Pour half of the rosewater in now.
  • Take your candles two at a time, let their wax drip in and say/think “In this dark I seek my light, get me through this darkest night.” until all of the four candles’ waxes have dripped into the bowl.
  • Put your candles back where you had them.
  • Take your finger now and circle the water clockwise and while doing it say/think “Lend me strength, lend me hope, lend me power in this darkest hour.” until you stop stirring.
  • Blow out your candles, dispose of the bowl’s contents, dry off your jewelry/item and wear it.

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