A Rant On The Pagan and Witch Community.

You know what attitude needs to stop in the pagan and witch communities? The “I know more about this religious/craft/path topic than you and seeing you made mistakes I’m going to publicly humiliate you and make you look like a moron and myself look high and mighty instead of trying to politely and nicely help you correct your mistakes so you can actually learn and correct yourself in the future.” attitude. I don’t care what age/race/gender you are, if you pull this stunt no one’s going to want to learn from you anymore. No one’s going to even want to be around you anymore because of that negative and nasty energy you’re producing by having that attitude.

For gods’ sake pagans and witches are suppose to help each other not tear at each other’s throats for a simple mistake. We’re already ridiculed enough by outsiders let’s not ridicule each other for mistakes that can be fixed with a polite and kind attitude or we’re no better than those who ridicule us.

Also, if you’re going to be nasty and send nasty comments they’re going to be deleted so don’t waste the energy when you could be cleansing yourself of negative energies.


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