A Friend Came To Me Today…

I had a friend come to me asking for a curse to put on their roommates (which we’re mutual friends with) because they pissed him off but instead of giving him one to try I suggested to try talking to them, tell them how he felt because, in my opinion, it’s better to talk it out instead of hexing, jinxing, or cursing if the situation isn’t harmful to the party effected which this situation wasn’t.

Cursing/jinxing/hexing, for me, is to be done if or when they refuse to admit they’re wrong, won’t own up to what they’ve done, and refuse talk things out with the party effected; but that’s for me personally (again), I can’t tell what other people to do when it comes to cursing/jinxing/hexing and don’t take these personal morals of mine as curse-shaming because cursing is very valid option for some and to be quite honest I couldn’t give a damn what other witches do with their own path/craft.

But, they ended up talking an as far as I know the situation has been resolved.


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