Not all Witches are Wiccan & follow the Threefold Law.

Witchcraft was not created from Wicca but is in fact much older than it. It’s been there since the beginning of civilzation and is not tied to any religion at all; witches come from all different religions, backgrounds, cultures, etc. so not every witch is Wiccan. (Hell, I’m a witch who’s a Kemetic/Norse pagan.)
Now, there’s no problem with witches who are Wiccan as long as you don’t shove your beliefs down another witch’s throat.
Also a non-wiccan witch who curses or hexes will never be affected by the threefold law because the law only applies to Wicca and last time I’m gonna say this not all witches are Wiccan. Got it? Good. 

Swift winds & fair tides.

(Also I wrote this at 5:30am and hoo boy am I tired)


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