“My Original Character” Servitor Spell

So, servitors can be made into any form right? I figured why not try to make your own creation one, your own character a servitor? I’m sure y’all have tons of OCs you can pick from to make a servitor and yeah. It’s a fun idea, right?

Note: Pick a character that would best fit a servitor role, don’t use any dangerous villains or any dangerous characters of your creation to make a servitor.


Originally posted by macherpuppy

What You’ll Need

  • A candle of the the color you associate your character with
  • An item you associate your character with
  • A clear/milky quartz
  • Full moon water
  • A bowl
  • Dandelion stems
  • Apple stem
  • Lotus incense

What To Do

  • Light your candle.
  • Place your quartz and item in the bowl.
  • Place your stems in the bowl and fill up the bowl with moon water by pouring the water over the items.
  • Light your incense and hold it over the bowl.
  • Let the ashes fall into the bowl.
  • Let the incense completely burn to ash and stir with your finger clockwise, say/think “I am your creator so hear me (name of character), please. I request you to come to me in this time of need.”
  • Set the quartz sit in the bowl overnight and then take it out and your OC servitor should be there after.

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