“Old Habits Begone” Spell

  • In order to grow sometimes we need to let go of old habits so here’s a spell to do just that. Suggested by @midnight-shadows-fall

    Originally posted by briannajeann

    What You’ll Need

    • Black salt
    • Black candle
    • Drinkable sun water
    • Moon water
    • Desert Sand
    • Spray bottle

    What To Do

    • Take your items outside.
    • Mix your black salt and desert sand together and make a circle around yourself.
    • Light your black candle in the circle, put your moon water in the bottle, and start spraying inside the circle; say/think “I leave my old habits within this circle.”
    • Drip black wax onto the sand and salt circle.
    • Grab your drinkable sun water and step out of the circle and say/think “I leave my old habits in the circle behind me and welcome better ones with the water I put into my body.” and drink the sun water, all of it.
    • After you are done blow out your candle and dispose of everything properly.
    • Afterwards let your circle of salt and sand disappear on its own, representing your old habits being blow away from you by the wind.

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