“Dovah/Dragon” Servitor Spell

Another Skyrim inspired servitor spell but with the legendary dovah, or as most know them, dragons. Now, these servitors are to be treated with higher respect than others because in a dovah’s nature they expect it. Also don’t forget to give your dovah a title, a title that consists of three words in dovah.

Now there are many types of dovah and I will list the corresponding ingredients to said dovahs.

Originally posted by sephirona

What You’ll Need

  • A clear quartz
  • A small bowl
  • Sun water
  • The color candle corresponding to your dovah
    -Blue for a Frost Dragon
    -Olive green for a Common Dragon
    -Teal for a Serpentine Dragon
    -Dark green for a Blood Dragon
    -Brown for an Elder Dragon
    -Dark orange for an Ancient Dragon
    -Yellow for a Revered Dragon
  • Corresponding ingredient for the dovah you are summoning
    -Ice/cold water for a Frost Dragon
    -Soil for a Common Dragon
    -Snake sheddings for a Serpentine Dragon
    -Blood or blood root for a Blood Dragon
    -Tree Bark for an Elder Dragon
    -Bones for an Ancient Dragon
    -Bright colored feathers for a Revered Dragon
  • Snapdragon flower

What To Do

  • Place your clear quartz in the bowl first and sprinkle/pour/put whatever correspondent you’re using for your dovah into the bowl next or on top of the quartz.
  • Put your snapdragon in next.
  • Pour your sun water into the bowl on top of the snapdragons, clear quartz, and correspondent.
  • Drip your corresponding wax color into the bowl and say/think “Lot dovah hon zu’u.” (Great dragon hear me.)
  • Now stir the bowl with your finger clockwise and say/think “Bo wah zu’u nu.” (Come to me now.)
  • Leave the clear quartz to soak in the water for a day and then take it out and dry it.
  • Your servitor should be there afterwards but remember to treat them with high respect for dovah are proud beings and expect it.

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