Complete List of Aura Quartz Properties



**Aura Quartzes are somewhat man made and bonded with metals but those metals release massive amounts of energies. So when you see one you might not wanna pass it up.**


Here are some aura properties.

Tangerine Auras: They promote compassion, forgiveness, joy, happiness and healing. They heal the emotional body and repair damaged relationships between parents and children.


Aqua Auras: Now these are my personal favorites because of their beauty. Aquas promote truth, psychic abilities, success, abundance, prosperity, and wealth.

Angel Auras: Opens the path to guidance and assists in finding spiritual guides.

Apple Auras: A stone that promotes memory, protects against psychic attacks, and helps sever previous relationships.


Rainbow Auras: Brings all positive energies to all centres of the body and releases negative energies. This stone would be great for warding and repelling curses.

Rose Auras: Promotes the gift of unconditional love, a connection to universal love, and helps brings the body back to perfect balance.

Colbat Auras: Melts away feelings of anger, distress, and sadness. Assists into developing a state of non-attachment and enhances meditative states.

Tanzan Aura: Because of it’s indigo hue, it contains properties of both blue and purple energies. It’s calming, helps aid communication, enhances psychic abilities and aids in intuition. (thank you @morgansmystics from for telling me this one!!)

Champagne Auras: Also known as Smoky Aura, this stone promotes spiritual harmony and healing. And like the actual Smoky Quartz it is a great protection stone against aggressive spirits.


Ruby Auras: A stone that aids in preventing mental and psychic attacks and brings the owner vitality, wisdom, and passion. It usually comes in a brilliant red or maroon.

Flame Auras: Deepens meditation and provides spiritual evolution. It also creates a multi-dimensional energy shift.

Sunshine Auras: A cleansing stone, it emits massive amounts of positive energy. It helps heal old wounds and helps you overcome disappointments in life.

Note: Do not charge these via sunlight or water because sunlight will cause the stone to fade and water can damage the metals that are bonded with the stone.

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