If you have moon water collected from a storm, river, or stream and want to use it in your drink boil the absolute heck out of it and/or filter the absolute heck out of it. Do whatever you can do make it safe to drink because there are probably bacteria in those waters that could get you sick, maybe […]


“Lucky Waters” Bath Spell

A bath spell to bring good luck into one’s life. Originally posted by 6pinky-winky What You’ll Need Red & Gold candles Sun water Mint leaves Sunflower petals Cinnamon (not the powder the sticks/bark) Violet body wash What To Do Light your candles, start your bath, and pour your violet body wash into the water to […]

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Concerning Mugwort

Mugwort is a wonderful herb but it can also interact with medicines and bodies very negatively like any herb can but mugwort itself can cause a woman to miscarry if she is pregnant.  So, if you are pregnant please stay away from mugwort!!! You could miscarry from ingesting it!!!

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