Concerning Mugwort

Mugwort is a wonderful herb but it can also interact with medicines and bodies very negatively like any herb can but mugwort itself can cause a woman to miscarry if she is pregnant.  So, if you are pregnant please stay away from mugwort!!! You could miscarry from ingesting it!!!

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Moth’s Readings

Pendulum readings are priced at 2.25$ for five minutes, 5.25$ for 10 minutes, 10.25$ for 15 minutes. Tarot Readings, Single, Double, and Three Card readings are priced at 5.25$ for 10 minutes, 10.25$ for 15 minutes. One dream reading is 15.25$, 20.25$ for two or more dreams readings. I offer also major arcana pendulum reaings; […]

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“Leave Me Be” Spell

This is a “back to school” sort of spell for those who get anxious when they get called on or when teachers single them out. Suggested by anonymous on Tumblr. Originally posted by lookhuman What You’ll Need Moth wings (please obtain these wings from an already dead moth; don’t just go out there any kill […]

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