Make Shark Week educational again.

Make Shark Week educational again. No “Real Megalodon Attacks” (because most scientists agree that they’ve been extinct for millions of years and even if there was a small chance they weren’t they wouldn’t be attacking people because they’d need to live in the deep, deep ocean), no “Great White Serial Killer” just pure educational stuff […]

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The Broken Makeup Mirror

So this morning, I broke a mirror and my immediate thought was “Oh no 7 years of bad luck!” but then my witchy side kicked in and while yes broken mirrors can bring negative energies they can also be turned into positive ones so that’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to cleanse the […]

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An Open Letter To Young Witches.

Dear young witches who who are 13-17 or even younger. Do not take offense if an older witch who is a legal adult won’t teach you. They’re legally not allowed to without your parent’s/guardian’s permission because you’re a minor and this law is in most countries and states (I know it’s illegal in the United States). […]

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Tridents & Witchcraft

Many already know of this tool, a spear-like instrument three points wielded by Poseidon (Neptune in Roman religion) and crafted by three elder cyclopes in Greek mythos. In lore, it was said to create tsunamis, storms, and sea foam and if it struck the earth it would cause great earthquakes. In Greek mythos as well […]

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