“Inspir-ACE-ion” Spell

Another spell from my tarot spell series, this spell dispels the creative block that’s been plaguing you. Originally posted by butteryplanet If something has a * by it, it is optional. What You’ll Need Basil Honeysuckle* Rosemary Sun water A yellow candle A purple candle The Ace of Cups tarot card The Ace of Wands tarot card A large […]

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The Sea Witches’ Cove

Welcome to the Cove! A place for sea witches alike to chill with one and other and discuss sea witchcraft things as well as mundane things. Non-sea witches are welcome also, in fact we’d be glad to have you! The more the merrier! Hell, even if you’re a newbie come on in, we’ll teach you […]

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A Simple “Fuck You” Curse.

This simple curse will bad luck and mayhem into one’s life. Originally posted by brutally-beautiful-criminal98 What You’ll Need The target’s name on a piece of paper A black or gray candle (can be a scented candle) A small bowl A small plate or tea saucer A paint brush or stick Cayenne pepper Chili powder Lime […]

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Making A Sea Altar

An altar dedicated to the sea is a great way to connect and honor to it especially if you’re landlocked; but you might ask yourself: “How do I make one?” Well, you’d make it like you’d make any altar but you are going to need certain things to make it. Don’t worry, I’ll include where […]

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So I lurk on reddit’s witchcraft subreddit frequently and today someone by the username “shymcf” posted this. (Link includes the thread) Some woman was throwing these glass jars into the ocean and frankly, I’m furious. You don’t throw non-biodegradables into the ocean! That’s straight up littering! Luckily the cops showed up which prompted her to stop her littering but she got […]